by Johnny Dioxide

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released July 1, 2017

Drums by Mike Hidalgo
Album art by Kelly Daniela Norris
Mixed and Mastered at Control Tower Studios
Everything else by JO2



all rights reserved


Johnny Dioxide Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Blue Circus
I was lost in the war
You just tossed me into a drawer
I arrived on the 74
But I think I'm too late

You changed the locks on our happy home
It can't be a crime to be all alone
But they give me lashings when I get stoned
I was just trying to ease the pain

I was lost in the war
Now I get my rations from the store
I got back here and I'm bored
and it's time for a change

Somebody new
We could share our stories
up on the roof
I sure would like to be in tune
and transcend these blues
with somebody new
Track Name: Beyond The Blue
Your canary doesn't care what her name is
She just wants to see the sky
I've got a feather dipped in ink but there are no words
to describe what it's like to fly

I want you
I need you
I love you
With all my heart
Yes it's true don't you know you're so
Beyond the blue

I would like to write a book, nice and simple
Just some words to make you smile
But it wouldn't mean a thing, it just reads good
Keep you busy for a while
Track Name: Manny Mannuz
Manny Mannuz venga papa porta gugguz e se ne va
Manny Mannuz venga papa porta gugguz e se ne va

Well it's two in the morning and I step outside
gonna call up delicious and I beg for a ride

I'm on the porch thinking I need some sleep
it's been about a week and I'm out of cigarettes
She's on the stairs with her long brown hair
telling me to come on up, come on up and tidy up with me

It's three in the morning and we're making the bed
she cut a heart out of paper and she's painting it red

Kelly Danielly peanut butter and jelly
took the heart from a bassist and put it in her belly
I like your hair I like the way you look at me
I like the words that you use I like your dresses
and your pearl earrings

Oh it's four in the morning and I'm going insane
my mind's spinning madly like a weather vane
So I pack up my belongings and I climb to the roof
just like an outlaw romantic I light a dinner candle for two.
Track Name: Punk Pentimento
The watch Labrador is beginning his shift
while Mrs. Delicious is calling up a lift
Her dear Daddy Watson is holding her gift
and the children are all asleep in their bedrooms

The town is lit up like a carnival display
painted faces point their noses every which way
When up comes the curtain and the catch of the day
The paddy wagon's rounding up the hoodlums

People come from all around to scramble in this race
I find I'm losing my mind in this place
I'm begging Kelly won't you please take me back to outer space

Sympathetic dancers of stellar physique
Greet me at the entrances begging me to peek
But I'm on my knees for they've become to weak
from their sultry and seductive powers

And parading around with two guns in his hands
a cowboy named Daniel is barking out demands
and yanking the microphone away from the band
he says "I just want some rain for my flowers!"

A murder of crows did gather for a feast
a fine deadly hollow for a feather for a beast
but when they all did finish they looked on yonder east,
all their offspring were turning into chickens

And the sad lonely lady who fed the dreadful birds
was often singing softly but was seldom ever heard
her sisters long ago had learned her all the words
and she believed they belonged to Charles Dickens

My boss was hauled in on the back of a bike
her heart was impaled by a railroad spike
but all the city doctors were away out on a strike
and they were claiming to be victims of perjury

so I was left in charge of my employers life
the nurse wouldn't help he was away with her wife
and cursing the doctors I picked up a knife
and I practiced some open heart surgery

The emperor of Persia was lying on a rug
he won it off of one of Mona Lisa's hired thugs
and looking at the ceiling, he thought he saw a bug
so he shot it and called for the general

But the general was frantically barking up a tree
in full-blown regalia it was quite a sight to see
a subversive flying squirrel was up there eating all the seeds
and it seems he was deemed to be a criminal
Track Name: Sunset Dream
Well, I'm off to California
with a ray-gun on my hip
for the highway's full of bandits
and I aught to be equipped.

And I'm riding on these colors
Red, yellow and green.
Me and pony dog lulu,
on our sunset dream

Don't the stars look good, pony?
Don't the stars look so good?

Oh the gypsy told my fortune
and I carved it into wood.
Track Name: Elder Flower
When you're walking on the street
would you ever think of me, dear Kelly?

When you see the sun go down
do you remember this old town, dear Kelly?

Summer nights we'd pass the time
caught us drinking tombstone wine

Oh rapture and Shangri-la
I found your pendulum heartbeat
oh the light of the moontower
shines over you flower lady
oh I'm so glad I told you, I'm so glad I told you I love you
cause there's no one on this planet I'd rather be with I love you

Oh, elder flower